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Please, remember that Gocad Research plugins are only for Gocad Consortium members
For any comments/problems/requests contact AND NOT Earth Decision / Paradigm.

Latest FilesLast Release
ACP 2011-01-11 Principal component analysis, Gaussian-based discriminant analysis and classification. SOme features are available only with the 2.5.2-compatible version.
Chess 2006-11-08 This plugin features a 3D Chess game integrated within Gocad for your spare time. Note: there is currently no option for playing against the computer (2 players needed).
Cupydon 2014-02-07 Magnetostratigraphic correlation is generally a manual task. The Cupydon software allows you to automatically correlate your mag section to the reference scale. The main benefit is not so much the gain in time but the possibility to look at a large number of likely correlations depending on the length of your section and on the variations of the sedimentation rate.
FaultMod 2014-02-20 Stochastic fault modeling
FluvialSystemSimulation 2014-03-10 In this course, you will follow the whole process to simulate fluvial systems constituted by two facies: channels and a mudstone background. More particularly you will generate a training image from a part of the Amazon delta using the plugin GoNURBS, use this training image to simulate several other fluvial systems with Gocad's MPS workflow and assess the quality of your MPS realizations using the plugin ConnectO.
FractCar 2014-02-20 The FractCar Plug-in is dedicated to the modeling and visualisation of 3D fracture patterns.
Fractures representation is made through a Discrete Fracture Network (DFN).
Knowing the strain field on the whole model, this plug-in enables to characterize
fracture parameters and to simulate DFNs.
GRGFullPack 2015-11-06 Our latest plugins.
Unpack somewhere then run start_gocad or start_skua

GRGPack 2013-10-31 GRGPack is a suite of plugins to run basic useful commands and construct implicit structural models, especially from sparse data. SolidExplorer + StructuralLab + ACP +GRGLib + GeolToolbx

+IsoSurf+StereoNet (2010.06)
GeobodyPainter 2006-11-08 The GeobodyPainter Plug-in enables interactive drawing of channels and
other objects in 3d on Voxets and SGrids. Therefore the size and shape
of the paint operator can be chosen and the brush's color (property
value) can be a custom defined value, a value from another property of
the grid or the result of a convolutional operation.
GeolToolbx 2010-05-04 Contains various tools for building models, such as georeferencing of maps and cross-sections, building surfaces from lines and dip angle, etc.
GoPy 2013-10-07 Use the python language in Gocad.

V1.1.0 : neigh and uvw for GridObj
V1.2.0 : Better editor
GoUpScale 2008-06-16 This plugin intends to upscale isotropic elastic materials defined on structured regular grids (Voxet) to transversely isotropic elastic materials.
Gocad-Gml 2010-02-24 Gocad plugin for importing and exporting GML geometries to Gocad
GocadCompGeom 2014-11-13 The plugin provides some functionality and exporters/importers that allow for making use of the publicly available software packages Gmsh and TetGen in order to construct tetrahedral meshes for finite element simulation based on gocad models. The plugin comes with a tutorial on how it could be used. The software packages Gmsh and TetGen must be downloaded from the www and installed separately.
GocadExporters 2014-11-13 The plugin provides some functionality to export Gocad Objects in external formats. Surfaces, Lines, Points, SGrids and Solids can be exported in VTK format, both, legacy and xml versions. Further they can be exported in the format of the OpenGeoSys simulation software. Surfaces can also be exported in VRML and STL format.

This plugin developed by Freiberg University is freely available.
Goscope 2016-01-08 Automatically extract geological objects from a seismic data cube.
GraphLab 2008-12-17
GraphicFramework 2010-10-29 GraphicFramework is a shader designer, i.e. it is a resource plugin for people who want to develop shaders in Gocad. Shaders are small pieces of code which directly apply to the graphic processing unit (GPU).
GridLab 2006-11-08 Gocad Plugin for the construction and the manipulation of polyhedral
grid (polygonal surfaces and polyhedral volumes) . Developed by Olivier Grosse.
HyperCube-2.1.3 2007-01-31 HyperCube-2.1.3 is a Plugin for Gocad-2.1.3 dedicated to the modeling and analysis
of non-linear response surfaces

The plug in contains
- a set of algorithms (contained in a library called CrystalCube) to built and
analyze non-linear response surfaces using Dual Kriging, Variance Based Sensitivity Analysis
and Bayesian Inversion.
- two new objects called NdPointSet and NdCube to manipulate, respectively, a set of points
and a regular grid, both embeded in a N-Dimensional space.
- a set of tools to run Discrete Smooth Interpolation on properties in an N-dimensional
space using the NdPointSet and NdCube objects.
- a set of tools to smooth Nd-dimensional histograms using Discrete Smooth Interpolation.

See also the README.txt file located at the Plugin root
ImageClassifier 2010-06-28 Framework for image classification. Images are stored as structured grids.
ImplicitLab 2006-11-08 Toolbox for complex geological surface modelling (ex: salt domes). Developed by David Ledez.
ImplicitViewer 2010-09-27 A plugin dedicated to the visualization of implicit horizons, i.e. horizons which are embedded on a property rather than on a mesh. ImplicitViewer makes use of fragment shaders to have a pixel-based resolution.
IsoSurf 2010-06-14 Tool for cutting a TSolid by an implicit surface.
KarstMod 2014-06-12 The KarstMod pulgin implement the ODSim method (Object Distance Simulation). It allows to compute distance fields related to given ojects and to perturb this distance field using random correlated noise. Complex shapes can be produced by the composition of the distance field and the noise. Data conditionning can be accounted for.
Pythia 2008-12-17 Upscaling and flow simulation in fractured reservoirs. Uses FractCar for characterization of fractures and GraphLab for connectivity graph.
QuadraticTetra 2008-02-26 Add the possibility to paint tetrahedra quadratically using the latest GPU functionalities.
Reed 2012-05-09 Rigid elements deformation tool
ReserVor 2013-06-27 Design of unstructured Control Volume Grids. This plugin generates Centroidal Voronoi Grids based on static and dynamic information to constrain cell density and orientation, conformity to surfaces. See Merland et al, Gocad Meeting 2012.
Restoration2D 2012-04-06 Map restoration
RestorationSuite 2014-09-26 This plugin provides a set of tools to perform 3D restoration of SolidModel objects (topological solid), for both explicit and implicit approaches, using either finite element method or dynamic relaxation. Moreover, SolidExplorer2 is packed with RestorationLab plug-in for vizualisation purposes.
SCube 2014-02-28 Semi-automatic stochastic sequence stratigraphic well correlation
SolidExplorer2 2008-02-15 Extracts isosurfaces on TSolids
Performs visualisation, texture mapping and interactive editing of isosurfaces on tetrahedral meshes.
Stereonet 2012-08-30 Displays a Stereonet to plot Gocad data and compute statistics on families
StreamLab-2.1.3 2007-07-13 This plugin provides a set of tools to perform streamline simulation on unfaulted SGrids. It includes a pressure and a velocity solver, a streamline tracker based on either Runge-Kutta and Pollock interpolations and solvers able to take into account tracer transport and two phase immiscible displacements.

See also the README.txt file located at the Plugin root
StructuralLab 2009-09-04 Building 3D geological surfaces from field data using implicit surface and real time editing
SurfaceInterpolation 2006-07-05 Surface reconstruction plugin: give it point sets and it builds triangulated surfaces. Does not work with multi-valued point sets though (e.g. if you have several points with the same x and y coordinates and different z).
TGridLab 2006-11-08 TGridLab is a plugin dedicated to the generation of 3D unstructured meshes
from geological surface models (tetrahedral meshes, modular hybrid flow grids). Developed by Francois Lepage.
TextureMapping 2009-04-06 Implements Texture Mapping onto triangulated surfaces from image files (no import as 1-byte voxet property is necessary). Features:
- Texture mapping on existing U,V property
- Compute texture mapping of picture from calibration points on the surface and the picture. This is intended for vertical outcrops, lanscapes, etc.
Thalassa 2007-05-15 Facies modeling accounting for sedimentological rules (linking facies, water depth and slope angle) and stratigraphic rules (transgression-regression)
TimeVis 1.2 2008-08-19 The TimeVIS_1.2 plugin is designed to process both TSolid or SGrid for visualization purposes. It aims to extract efficiently series of isosurfaces from time-varying scalar fields using pure CPU-based approach, pure GPU-based approach (GPU means Graphics Processor Unit) or hybrid approach. Moreover it can compute by interpolation smooth transitions between time steps. It also aims to volume render a grid to improve the perception of the dataset. Moreover this plugin handles large grids made of millions of cells (we have tested it, in case of isosurface extraction, with TSolid grid made of 5 millions of tetrahedra and SGrid made of 3 millions of hexahedra).
TopoKernel 2012-07-12 TopoKernel provides an efficient topological kernel for creating 2D/3D unstructured grids. Developed by Olivier Grosse and Francois Lepage.
Tweedle 2015-02-26 Tweedle links Graphite, a GPL modeling software to Gocad.
Note that the members of the Gocad consortium can use Graphite under GPL license conditions, either in the Tweedle Gocad plugin, or as a stand alone software. This usage must be internal and consequently excludes any commercial use of Graphite.
If you want to use Graphite for a commercial purpose, please contact Bruno Levy ( from the INRIA to discuss the terms of a specific license.

UncertaintyLab 2008-10-24 UncertaintyLab is an uncertainty assessment research plugin. It contains :
(1) a wrapper to Stanford's Multiple Point Simulation algorithm snesim [Strebelle, 2000, Math Geol], and to the SGeMs software.
(2) an implementation of the Spatial bootstrap [Norris et al, SPE 26490, and Journel 1993, Env and Ecol. Statistics],
(3) a method to asses uncertainty about the facies proportions under geological constraints [Caumon et al, 2004, SPE 89943].
(4) a method to perturb the transverse fault slip on a faulted horizon.
UncertaintyViewer 2012-06-20 Uncertainty visualization engine dedicated to various geological grids.
Several modes are available for Cartesian and stratigraphic grids (both on slices and volume rendering), including 2D transfer functions, dispersion bars, anamorphosis, transparency, saturation, isolines, texture, blur, animation, etc. These visualization methods can be combined together for improved perception of uncertainty, or for corendering of more than two variables.
A volume rendering engine dedicated to tetrahedral grids is also available, with a limited subset of uncertainty visualization methods.
VFSD 2012-04-24 Vectorial Field Shape Deformation algorithm
VariogramMap 2006-11-08 VariogramMap allows to compute 2D and 3D experimental variogram map in the stratigraphic space.
(plugin developed by Guillaume Jean)
VizLab 2008-11-27 Contains various visualization experiments:
- 3D lenses
- Solid slicing of Model3D
- I/O of PGM pictures
- Some basic 3D image processing
VolumeRendering 2009-06-05 A volume rendering engine dedicated to stratigraphic grids, using the latest GPU functionalities (framebuffer object, geometry shader) for the display. This plugin has been developed by Gautier Laurent.
WebExporter 2015-10-27 Export AtomicGroup within HTML page using ThreeJS
XSLab 2006-11-08 A Gocad plugin to test various interactive modification and visualization tools.
XSLab contains interactive editing of layering of proportion maps (as computed in StartigraphicModeling). It also contains research code to reshape contacts and perform solid slicing in model3d's.